Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Kolwezi is a south eastern city of Democratic Republic of Congo. It lies near the Zilo gorges of the Lualaba River. It has a great deposit of minerals. Best time to Kolwezi is between May and September.


  • Upemba National Park: This national park contains several lakes and picturesque riverine sections inhabited by hippos, crocodiles and aquatic birds. It is good place to explore wild life and different types of lakes.
  • Inkisi falls: It has massive caves wrapped around it. You can visit it in one day or can stay in Mbanza-Ngungu resort for 2-3 days. These falls are easy to hike from the resort.
  • Garamba National park: it is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. It Is a remote park, far away from habitats. It has undulating savannah grasslands and dense rainforests too.
  • Lubumbashi: It is the capital city of Katanga province. It has the best infrastructure with excellent transportation facilities. It is a good place to visit for couple of days as it has Belgian architectures and good restaurants too.
  • Virunga National Park: it is the oldest national park of Africa. It consists of two jagged mountain ranges and has lions, elephants, hippos, buffaloes and numerous other species. This park is renowned for its gorillas.


  • Restaurant Tapis Rouge: it a good restaurant to eat in. it has very casual and cosy environment. Good service with friendly workers. It provides variety of delicious foods.
  • Impala motel:   it has good service and variety of food items are available to eat. Family and kids friendly place with casual environment.
  • Restaurant le manguier: it is a casual environment restaurant, good for families and kids. It serves delicious food at budget friendly prices.it serves beer and desserts as well.
  • GPM restaurant: it serves very delicious fast foods. You can eat your food while enjoying the view of river lualaba. You can come here with your families to relax and enjoy the scenic view.
  • Casino Salut: Visit here to play games and enjoy a good meal at the same time. Best place to have fun and relax.