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The DRC's mining ministry has proposed that workers go on strike to protest the forced transfer to the site due to a coronavirus outbreak. In the Kinshasa mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) in the province of Kivu, the training of twelve artisanal mining cooperatives has begun.

The Glencore Group has organised a summer camp where children receive daily meals and participate in leisure and educational activities. Peng said: "This shows that people from different backgrounds in the DRC want to follow the Chinese model. So many go to international schools and slip easily into French and English, and parents are entrepreneurs who want them to prepare for life in Congo. The Congolese employer, who works for a Chinese company, told the Global Times that many gambling-addicted Congolese men have changed their lives for the better by joining the Chinese company and learning new skills.

More and more people are going from the field to the fields, as if they were going to the theatre. For outsiders, promoting sport in wealthy but impoverished cities raises uncomfortable questions of inequality and moral responsibility, especially in Africa. African football is the antipode of European football in our society, "the Spaniard believes.

This is particularly evident in a country that knows all too well the recurring meta-narrative of objectification.

This is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped nations, with half of its annual budget coming from overseas. The international community has spent $1.4 billion to fund 20,000 United Nations peacekeepers, which has probably prevented the poor security situation in eastern Congo from getting worse. In June, an International Monetary Fund delegation visited the DRC, and a secret mining deal was on the agenda, though it almost certainly violated the terms of an existing IMF loan of $561 million. This large amount shows that the IMF has little interest in the country's economic development and security needs. Training for UN peacekeepers is not lacking in Africa's poorest countries, but training in the DRC is not a priority.

Of course, sleepless nights followed when we talked about our adventure in the Congo, but nothing stopped us. We were still trying to reach our goal of travelling from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi in just 13 days, and our arrival in a big city meant that we had almost fulfilled our dream of completing the route from D.R. to Congo. After all, we have achieved this by becoming the few foreigners to explore one of Africa's most pristine countries. Right from the start, we were attracted by the large number of job-seeking migrants, most of them from South Africa and the United States.

Michel Dibwe, our guide, explained that the isolation of Camp Bravo had damaged the local economy. In the past, payday at the mines here in Katanga meant a regular income of about $1,000 a month for the miners and their families. For the people of Kolwezi, there is little alternative to mining, "he told the Global Times. The DRC is rich in resources, but the cobalt market is small, said Jean-Pierre Kumba, director of the Kinshasa Watch Company, a local mining company.

The irony belies the fact that Freeport has been reluctantly recognised as an international company here to revive Katanga's mining industry. The mine in the video belongs to the Congolese government and therefore cannot be sold to a Chinese company, Eliace added.

Forrest, it seems, has no interest in attracting sponsors from anyone who would link the sport to the Congo. The Forrest Group has weathered the worst effects of the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in recent years. It recognises that the international perception of D-Congo is sufficiently shaped by the question of why the Congolese people are constantly harassed by their own government and not by outsiders.

Some may argue that the film glorifies the locals, but it could have done more to highlight the plight of the people of D-Congo and the need for a better understanding of their situation. There is no published newspaper, video or audio business that emphasizes the importance of trust in local people and their ability to self-organize and control their own affairs.

This good run has not stopped wondering why the Spaniard was chosen to sit on the bench behind Simba. He knows little about Congolese football and the Madrid coach does not intend to revolutionise it, he wants to improve a method that has been established in the past. He said: 'The rest of the squad will kill the players but I'm happy with what we've done.

The world will have no idea of the economic crimes that continue to kill people in Congo until the perpetrators are extradited, brought to justice and sentenced to long prison terms. If you are one of them, you will be ill - prepared for the torment you will experience.

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